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Challenges & Disruptions

High levels of traffic in and around isles where product & machines are present can lead to accidents which can vary from lost/damaged goods to workplace injuries. Video surveillance of events leading up to and after an accident can reduce the probability of it occuring again.

Secure your facility against break-ins by forming a secure perimeter around your entire facility with intrusion monitoring & video surveillance equipment.

 Keep an eye on sensitive areas of your facility and record activity with video. Manage entry/exit permissions for visitors & team members from one central access control system. Deterring internal losses can be as simple as a key fob.

Protecting Team members & all other occupants by maintaining an active Fire & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm System is key to helping protect your facility & product within it against loss & damage.

Staying frosty isn't easy. Damaged equipment can lead to a catastrophic loss of product and lead to sustained downtime. Monitoring refrigeration units & freezers for sudden changes in temperature during operating and in off hours is can save an entire inventory from loss.

Our security systems are designed to grow. Expanding your facility's system with wireless sensors & network based infrastructure allows security systems to grow around your business.

Live view & record video, assign selected operator's devices specific permissions, enabling them to control individual aspects of your facility's system, as needed. Review event logs, Arm/disarm schedules and remotely operate your security systems from one designated desktop.

Workstations need to be lean. deploying cameras to strategically view problem spots like conveyor belts & loading docks providing people on the floor an a quick look at areas hard to view from the ground.

Being responsible for a wide range of goods means that security conditions can change on a short notice, with one shipment. Keeping track of both scheduled and unscheduled visitors with screening systems means products wont become contaminated.

For every dock there is a trailer to fill it. Keeping track of trucks & their cargo with GPS & Electronic Driver logging software keeps companies up to date with the constantly changing world of international trade. Diagnose mechanical issues in your fleet & schedule preventative maintenance from one platform.

Our supply chain is evolving, stretching the limits of providers who look to present a solution to diverse groups of brands, manufacturers, retailers and web-giants. At RF Security Group, we know that ultimately logistics providers need a security system that is not only streamlined but also holds the capacity to infuse more advanced features in order to provide people on the floor the data they need to keep products in motion securely.

System Solutions

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