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Restaurants & QSR's

Restauranteurs provide their customers more than food. Restaurants are a staple in their communities from boutique establishments looking for discreet non-intrusive protection, to quick service & drive thru based brands looking for the next best method of increasing efficiency & customer satisfaction as well as standard protection. At RF Security we specialize in providing security systems that allow restaurateurs to easily secure their investments and focus on what they do best... Make good food.

Challenges for Restauranters

Loss prevention means more than preventing on-site snacking. Restaurants lose millions of dollars in products taken without asking. Alcohols, Exotic Foods & Bulk ordered items are hard to keep track of and persistently stolen by staff either to be consumed on-site or at home. Access control systems keep a detailed record of who enters/exits an area using a simple card reader. Paired with cameras restaurateurs can quickly know who had their hand in the cookie jar...with precision 

Restaurateurs trust their patrons to obey their moral obligation to pay for their food.. after its consumed.  Cameras equipped with analytic software identifies patrons highlighted by managers as a risk  & alerts floor staff, in order to help prevent the infamous "Dine & Dash"

Fire/Smoke & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Systems are a requirement for nearly all buildings that host the pubic. Protecting Restaurants with a professionally monitored Fire / CO Alarm system is the easiest way to guard against property damage & protect your patrons.

Kitchens are where the magic happens. An effective  kitchen can make a meal in less than 30 minutes on average. QSR's routinely achieve this in less than five minutes. Strategically placed cameras can help employees manage their workload and keep track of vehicles in their drive thru queue visually or with analytic software

Monitoring refrigeration units & freezers for sudden changes in temperature after hours, can help save an entire inventory from becoming lost. Probes & contact sensors can also alert on-site staff that a fridge/freezer unit is warming unexpectedly or if a door is left open before leaving.

Our security systems are designed to grow. As your store expands and needs to increase its level of security. Your existing security system will be able to be expanded too, with hardware upgrades done as needed.

Linking multiple stores security systems so they can be managed simply from designated devices is possible. View video, control access & interact with your alarm systems across multiple locations from anywhere.

Closing up shop should be a relief not stressful. User friendly software & simple to use keypads, provide store owners and managers the confidence needed to quickly train their staff on how to interact with their alarm systems.

Shoplifters are known to be repeat offenders who not only return to steal from the same business twice or more, they prey on similar businesses who offer the the same sorts of items, in an organized fashion. Deploying Cameras with facial recognition technology. Records and categorizes the facial features of individuals who are identified by management as a potential risk.

Offering 24 hour service can be a risk for businesses who need to keep their doors open at night. Electronic locks, Panic-Alarms & HD - Video surveillance mitigates the risk associated with operating a business 24 hours by offering a deterrent for criminal behaviour & enabling a quick response when criminals are undeterred.

System Solutions

Alarm System Installation

Installing non-proprietary burglary alarm systems which host UL listed wireless equipment as well as traditional hardwired equipment.

High-Definition Video Installation

Installing high definition video surveillance equipment suited to commercial & industrial developers as well as residential developments

Access Control Installation

We install and service both traditional "card-access" systems as well as advanced bio-metric solutions seen in high security applications

ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring

Our ULC Listed monitoring station is open 24 hours per day seven days per week ensuring a consistent and effective response to all alarm signals.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent security systems deliver unmatched protection. Video analytic technology, automated object tracking and inbuilt system diagnostics provide more data to their users than traditional systems

Fire Protection & Monitoring

From Smoke & Carbon Monoxide sensors to advanced surveillance systems able to detect outdoor fires using thermal cameras with built in analytics

24 hour Emergency Service

First class service every-time. We're here to answer your call and provide an a solution at all hours, day or night.

Remote Management

Encrypted web software & mobile apps provide managers the ability to interact with their system from anywhere and on the go.

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