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Manufacturing & Distrubution

Our solutuions for Manufacturers

An fatal injury is possibly the greatest danger manufacturers face. Keeping a record of the events leading up to & after workplace accidents allow managers to quickly pinpoint what went wrong, to limit repetitive events.

Control access within your facility, Log entry/exit(s), operate door hardware remotely. Keep people out of unsafe areas by setting individual employee access permissions.

Monitoring for fire/smoke & carbon monoxide (CO) is standard practice when protecting valuable goods & invaluable people.

Secure your perimeter. Wireless sensors, & Network cameras provide expandable coverage cutting installation time.

Storage yards, distant parking lots, and other areas which have low - traffic spaces are areas that companies tend to overlook when securing their employees against unknown individuals

Changes in temperature caused by sustained power outages or broken heating/cooling equipment can lead to extensive damage to manufacturers electronics & machinery.

Sudden flooding can happen anytime and be caused by  frozen pipes, broken heating/cooling systems, or rain/snow/ice breaching a cracked exterior wall.

An effective, scalable security system is able to be expanded on as business grows and managers are faced with new challenges.

Maintaining a lean manufacturing process is a day-to-day task for both floor managers & their employees alike.
Strategically placed cameras save decision makers time by providing a quick view of their operation in real time.

Easy to use software provides employees the confidence needed when operating their systems. Simplified on-boarding & continued support ensures proper & efficient operation of our security system(s)

System Solutions

Alarm System Installation

Installing non-proprietary burglary alarm systems which host UL listed wireless equipment as well as traditional hardwired equipment.

High-Definition Video Installation

Installing high definition video surveillance equipment suited to commercial & industrial developers as well as residential developments

Access Control Installation

We install and service both traditional "card-access" systems as well as advanced bio-metric solutions seen in high security applications

ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring

Our ULC Listed monitoring station is open 24 hours per day seven days per week ensuring a consistent and effective response to all alarm signals.

Fire Protection & Monitoring

From Smoke & Carbon Monoxide sensors to advanced surveillance systems able to detect outdoor fires using thermal cameras with built in analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent security systems deliver unmatched protection. Video analytic technology, automated object tracking and inbuilt system diagnostics provide more data to their users than traditional systems

Planning and Consultation

Creating an all inclusive security plan to maximize coverage for your clients system adhering to clients own industry regulations as well as their budgets.

24 hour Emergency Service

First class service every-time. We're here to answer your call and provide an a solution at all hours, day or night.

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